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Introduction/ Scope

Peepcoin is a groundbreaking NFT project geared towards the concept of purchasing and selling NFT based on an influential person’s popularity.

Our goal is to work with some of the biggest influencers, musicians, athletes, sports teams, actors and politicians in industries across the planet in order to unlock and integrate new markets and unique utilities that allow everyday fans to participate in the economies of their favorite personalities.

Market Data

Everything that glitters

Long before the inception and proliferation of social media and popular culture, people have been fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous personalities of their time.

For decades we’ve cheered for our favorite sports stars on Thanksgiving as we wear their jerseys, rush to the theater to catch the latest film of our favorite actors and sing along to our favorite songs while we stare at the posters of the artists behind them on our bedroom walls.

And who can blame us, after all the glitz, glamor and adoration by millions of eyes is hard to ignore – in fact, in 2022 as we scroll through our feeds and queue up the latest youtube video the fanfare is at an all time high.

The Age of Influencer Economics

As social apps like Tik Tok Youtube and Instagram continue to dominate the world, being popular is more popular than ever as waves of new celebrities and online “influencers” rise to prominence for their proficiency, personalities and antics on the web; however, despite the rush that the adoration from fans can bring behind glitz and the glamor lies a booming multi-billion dollar economy.

In fact, in 2021 the influencer economy alone raked in a mind boggling 13.8 billion dollars for creators and savvy corporations looking to capitalize off of the popularity of some of the biggest names in the world!

With these numbers in mind, it’s quite clear that celebrity endorsement has become one of the most prevalent forms of advertising in the United States and around the world; However, as many companies and celebrities continue capitalize on these new markets the fans continue to be left out despite their crucial role as a lynchpin in the economic system of popularity.

Until Now…

Why Peepcoin?

Peepcoin allows fans and corporations to enhance and harness the value inside of the economies of their favorite celebrities and influencers in order to build passive income and financial freedom.

At Peepcoin, we recognize that new decentralized, fan first economies are the future and ultimately believe that all athletes, actresses, singers, influencers, politicians, public figures, sports teams, and so on should have their own currency, that be can be traded for profit, collected for sentimental value, or used to unlock new and exclusive content and revenue streams.

How it works


Each celebrity will work with Peepcoin’s team of business and Defi experts in order to develop and provide their own utility and additional value for Peecoin NFT holders such as exclusive virtual and real world events, unique holder merchandise, free products, revenue stream ownership and much more more.

Our mission here at Peepcoin is to build the future of influencer economies!

Now the more in demand THEY get, the more valuable YOUR currency becomes!


Celebrity and Influencer NFTs

The Peepcoin vision begins with our one of a kind high quality NFT’s. We work tirelessly with our team and Peepcoin celebrity partners to ensure that each 999 piece celebrity collection will have a one-of-a-kind incredibly unique 3d sculpted NFT that is designed.

Every personality sits down with us one on one to create their collection, develop their utility, shape their vision including their own rarity traits that complement their personality as well as provide the hand signature that is inked in house and featured on 3 units from each 333 batch mint!

Our aim is to establish lasting and profitable partnerships that allow fans to capture the value that they help create.

Auction Style Minting

Peepcoin’s unique mint auction allows the most active and eager members of our vibrant community to place their bids while compete for a chance to join the whitelist and take home one of the coolest NFT’s around! Build up your social credits and help us spread the word to gain unique access to exclusive mints.

Innovative NFT Shorting

Peepcoin is the first decentralized finance market that creates assets tied to the popularity and value of the celebrity economies that we depict.

Our innovative NFT trading system allows fans to purchase and trade celebrity assets in real time based on their current market popularity.

For example, if your favorite actor has a movie coming out and you feel that it will be a box office success, acquire their coin before it releases so that you t buy can flip it for a profit as fans flock to the theater!

Perhaps a specific athlete has an important game coming up and you believe that they will lose. Now you can sell their coin before it loses value or even short their asset without holding the NFT to profit off of their tragic loss.

With Peepcoin the social economic possibilities are endless!

Minting Badges (Social incentive Asset)

As a socially focused project we understand the importance of cultivating and rewarding an informed and committed community. That is why the team at Peepcoin has created an innovative social incentive asset for our most dedicated community peeps!

The Peecoin badge system is designed to recognize the hardest working social activists in the community by rewarding them with our unique Peepcoin mint badges. Each minting cycle has an exclusive NFT badge that unlocks minting privileges, additional sales royalties, eligibility for prizes and much much more.

Once the badge has been used, holders can choose to hold or list their badges on open sea in order to profit from its sales on the secondary market through the integrated 4% royalty reward system.

**All royalties are directed to the original minter**

X Points

X Points is the Peepcoin community point system. The X Point system acts as a dynamic social incentive and reward control mechanism within the Peepcoin ecosystem in order to encourage positive platform actions.

10% of every official Peepcoin mint is reallocated to the community using the $PC Coins reward token. These minting royalties are distributed proportionately to each Peepcoin holder based on their x-point totals.

Each Peepcoin community member and NFT holder have the ability to earn and increase their X-Point totals by:

1. Participating in community promotional marketing events

2. Minting Peepcoin NFTS (1000 points)

3. 4 Referring users to the PCBAG contract

Players can also utilize X-Points to wager on their favorite celebs and other players, in friendly competitions within the Peepcoin NFT market.

The celebs can then participate in community chosen competitions and battles in order to increase the X-Point holdings of themselves and their loyal fans.

$PCCOINS Reward Token

For the first time in history, you can earn passive income by supporting your favorite public figures and celebrities. The $PCCOINS reward token is the native platform asset of the Peepcoin ecosystem and is designed to act as a deflationary passive income reward asset that will allow players to truly profit from the ecosystems that they help create.

In a true fan first model, $PCCOINS can only be minted into circulation by minting or holding a Peepcoin NFT from one of our 10, 999 piece genesis collections. Each Genesis Peepcoin NFT mints 1 $PCCoin per day for each holder until the max distribution supply is reached (10M). These dimes tokens can then be used to participate further in the Peecpoin ecosystem by:

  1. Minting exclusive mints
  2. Purchasing exclusive Peepcoin products and merchandise
  3. Staking in the Dimebag Contract to compound the passive income stream
  4. Exchange to $USDC for real money (Fiat)
  5. And much more

PC tokens are also designed to act as a sales royalty mechanism and function in the ecosystem to effectively redistribute the profits of our minting operations. After each successful mint, 10% of the proceeds will be used to buy back $PCCOIN tokens from the open market to be distributed to all Peepcoin NFT holders proportional to their x points holding . This means the more Peepcoin X points that you hold, the more you earn! (mention the 2% lifetime royalty)

Additionally another 10% of the proceeds from each successful mint will be used to buy $PCCoins, to be distributed to the celebrities that were coined, proportional to their X points holding.

Each celebrity being coined will receive 20% of the revenue from the mint of their own collection. That will also be paid in PCCoins.

All of this will generate high volumes of transactions, increase in demand and utilities, creating a healthy economy for the coin.

PCBag Contract

The PCBAG is the primary no risk, high reward token sink of the Peepcoin ecosystem and operates in a similar manner to a high yield annuity. there will be Maximum supply of 30 Milion coinst The initial 10 Million coins will be produced by the genesis series NFTs. The other 20 Million will be designated for the PCBag interests.

Investors can participate by depositing and locking their $PC token rewards into the PCBag. We will have two options for the players. 1. To lock in their coins for one month and receive 10% interest. 2. To lock in for one year and receive 500%. this structure will continue until maximum supply of 30 Million $PCCoins are reached. Then it will be restructured.

These $PCCoin tokens can then be claimed and held, sold or compounded back into the Dimebag Contract Vault to increase the principal balance and daily cash flow.

This contract serves to incentivize investor participation over longer periods of time by rewarding investors for helping to build the price stability by locking in the new liquidity from minting buybacks. The PCbag is an effective way to control and reduce circulating supply and build the $PCCOIN token price floor for Peepcoin NFT holders, increasing their passive income.

Peepcoin Hall of Fame

The Peepcoin hall of fame is our exclusive physical and virtual NFT gallery and venue

After we complete our genesis mint, a portion of the proceeds will be allocated to buy land in the metaverse in the future.

This area will be utilized to construct a hall of fame center, where one coin from each celebrity will be displayed. The center will also host exclusive events for coin holders, such as concerts, early product releases, meetings and parties.



Celebrity NFT’s

Genesis Collection Count: 20 , 999 piece Celebrity collections release in batches of 333

NFT Collection Distributions

Each celebrity NFT collection consists of 999 unique pieces. These collections are divided as follows

  • 75% Peepcoin Auction Marketplace
  • 10% whitelist flat price
  • 05% Airdrops
  • 05% Charity
  • 03% Peepcoin Treasury
  • 02% Celebrity Partner(s)

Mint Proceeds

The revenue from each mint are divided in the following way:

  • 05% charity
  • 05% raffle
  • 10% coin holders dividend ($DIMES buybacks)
  • 10% celebrity dividend ($DIMES buybacks??)
  • 20% to celebrity being coined

Over all 50% of revenue goes back to the community!!!

Sale Proceeds**

The revenue from the secondary sale of each Peepcoin assets are divided in the followings way:

  • 94% Seller
  • 02% Original Minter
  • 02% Celebrity Partner
  • 02% Peepcoin Treasury

Token Generation


  • 94% seller
  • 4% Original Minter
  • 2% Peepcoin Treasury


  • Token Name: $PCCOIN
  • Total Supply: 30 Million

Support Fees

$PCCoin utilizes a 8% Support Fee on all buys, sells and transfers. These Support Fees are divided as follows

  • 2% Peepcoin Treasury
  • 6% Added to the Dimebag contract

Allocations and Vesting

  • 10 M Peepcoin Genesis NFT holders (first 20 collections)
  • 20 M through the PCBag interests.

Smart Contracts



Allows investors to lock their $PC Coins tokens for 1 month in exchange for
10% interest or one year for 500 %

Support Fees

The Support Fees associated with the Dimebag contract are designed to sustain its operations and are redeposited back into the contract for the benefit of long term community participants.Each transaction on the Dimebag contract (claims, sells) carries a 12% Support Fee, with the exception of compounds which encounter a Support Fee of 6%. The proceeds from the Support Fees are divided as follows.

  • Deposits – No Fees
  • Claims – 8% (6% Dimebag Contract, 2% Peepcoin Treasury)
  • Airdrops – 8% (6% Dimebag Contract, 2% Peepcoin Treasury)
  • Transfers – no interest
  • Compounds – 10% (6% Dimebag Contract, 4% PeepCoin treasury)

Whale Support Fee Structure

At Peepcoin we are all about building a community that is fair, transparent, and truly decentralized for all participants. As such, we have implemented a whale prevention system for thePCBag contract in order to keep players with larger amounts of capital from dramatically withdrawing their coins. Each wallet will be allowed to maximum withdraw 1% of current supplies each month. Maximum 5% of withdraws for all wallets combined per month

Peepcoin Roadmap

A List

Peepcoin Whitepaper

Brand and Website Update

Community Launch

Whitelist/ Airdrop Competition

First AMA

Mint Day

Charity Allocation

B List

X-Points Fully Implemented

Peepcoin Store

C List

D List

E List